bath junkie

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I have heard such great things and have read so much negative crap about Bath Junkie, a Arkansas based Co. That I decided to check them out. In deed, they are Con Artist, money hungry crooks. I first spoke with Steven Kay after I paid a fee of $45.00. I then met with both Steven and Judy Zimmer for dinner after I toured two of the Corporate Stores in Fayetteville, AR. I must admit, the idea of buying Franchise store and making the revenues they quoted were quite intriguing. I almost gave them a 5k deposit on the spot. Thank God I didn't go that far.

After I left Arkansas, I was driving back home and I stopped in another town/state to grab a bite to eat. As I was eating I noticed across the parking lot another store that looked a whole lot like a Bath Junkie. I walked over and went inside to only find out that they were a Bath Junkie but recently pulled out of the Franchise and filed a lawsuit against them. The store clerk could not tell me much more other than they are in litigation. humm?

About a week later I started calling Bath Junkie stores to find out how they were doing and general questions you would ask before investing in a business. Boy, did I get an ear full. I realized this was not an investment I was willing to make no matter how much the Corporate folks like Judy Zimmer - CEO quoted to me. In fact, there are many Franchise owners that have cashed out their Retirement funds just to keep the doors open (they have great location too. Some have lost everything and just walked away 300k in debt. In fact, some owners even got SBA loans and have deflated on them. humm?

Three weeks later, I start getting calls from Bath Junkie Corporate about moving forward with the purchase of my store. Needless to say, after $750 in legal fees to look over UFOC and the $45 application fee and travel expenses, I was LIVID. All I could think about was all those poor people who have lost everything because of them and their lies. Some of the Franchise owners feel they need to open-up more stores to see the profit and to survive. I see a pattern here and thank the lord everyday that I was not stupid enough to invest in a Bath Junkie.

Buyers Beware, do your homework before investing in a Bath Junkie.
Also, read the for more facts on this company